Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Blaster

I still hold to my previously stated belief: The Nerf Maverick is the best Nerf gun for use in starting office wars.

Having said that, escalation is the obvious next step once Nerf Wars become common place in your workplace, and when you’re talking about adults with money, some escalation can be quite awesome!

McCrevis’ Nerf Raider CS-35 is still one of my favorite escalation weapons for a Nerf War.  It doesn’t require batteries, so there’s no whir of electric motor to alert your target, and the response time is quicker, firing Nerf dart fury as fast as you can pump the gun.  It also boasts a further range than the Maverick and holds 35 darts rather than 6.  Spare drum clips and darts make for fast reloads during a war.

My first choice for battery operated Nerf guns would be the N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Blaster which McCrevis bought me for Christmas (thanks mate!).  Unlike the Vulcan, the Hail-Fire motor-mechanism is similar to a baseball pitching machine – two mini-flywheels in the barrel of the gun grab a Nerf dart and whip it out the end at high speed, rather than employing springs or air power.  This also allows you to launch heavier darts, either mod’ing your Nerf darts by wrapping them in tape or filling the core with glue so they give a heavier punch at impact.

Another advantage of the Hail-Fire over the Vulcan is that it’s more compact and easier to carry – the dart belt being replaced by multiple clips held in a doughnut configuration.  A pump-bar on the top of the blaster not only gives extra stability when firing (because recoil has ALWAYS been the bane of the Nerf rapid-fire assault weapons…), but also allows you to quickly move a new clip into firing position without having to stop firing.  The Hail-Fire comes standard with 4 x 6-dart clips and 24 darts, giving it less initial firepower than the CS-35.  However, it’s designed to hold 8 clips, and we found you can fit 7 darts into a clip, giving it full potential of 56 darts.  Swap out your standard clips with the Nerf 18-dart clips without any problems, and suddenly, you expand your full Hail-Fire potential to 152 darts without having to reload.  As with any clip-fed Nerf gun, spare pre-loaded clips allow for quick reloading during an office war.

Because it’s battery operated, you can hear the motor spin-up prior to an attack, giving up an element of surprise in an ambush, but we found that the range is better than the CS-35 and the motor much quieter and quicker to respond than non-N-Strike motorized Nerf guns.  The newly designed N-Strike darts have an advantage of being sturdier than normal darts (so they last longer than normal Nerf darts), and are advertised to be “better balanced” than the original, standard Nerf darts.  But we got the same range and accuracy when we tested them against the standard Nerf dart using the same guns.  As mentioned before, an advantage with the Hail-Fire is that you can launch heavier darts which isn’t possible from the CS-35 which still relies on air propellant.

Once you’ve created a Nerf War culture in the workplace, your ability to escalate the firepower on your team will often determine which way the war goes!

If you have two good friends at work, it will never feel like you have a bad job.
~ Tim Rath

No matter how many friends you have at work, a sucky job still sucks!  It just makes distracting yourself throughout the work day that much easier.
~ bighairmonkey