What’s the past tense of Autumn?

My rant on my displeasure with the oncoming season must have triggered the last nerve on Mother Nature’s temperament as a windstorm blew through the area late the other night and completely annihilated all the long hallways we had setup so far.

Not happy Jan…

At least I can take some tiny satisfaction in the confirmation of my thoughts on the stability of narrow hallways versus rooms as none of the rooms were destroyed in the storm.  We’ve got a couple places designed with switchbacks that will add to the stability of those hallways, but we have to figure out a better way to stabilize the single, long hallway that allows it to take wind shear in both directions.

Since the Buffy Stakes didn’t work out with our concrete-like ground, I had to use some nine inch nails (yes, they actually exists outside of the band), and rig some 2×4 blocks to anchor our angled braces.  You drive the nails through the blocks into the ground with a sledge hammer, which holds the 2×4 blocking securely in place (and deals with our concrete-ground issue), which in turn provides both compressive and tensional support for the wall panel via the diagonal bracing. 

We then ran a couple of 2×3’s in 8′ lengths along the length of the panels and above the hallway, securing panels together laterally (reinforcing the c-channel braces we’ve been using throughout the house) and also securing the opposite wall to use a single anchor brace.  It means that the long hallway is going to stay a long hallway, but then, our original design 2 years ago for moving around wall panels has never really seen much use – once we build the maze, we tend to keep it that way.

Nice that we figured this out BEFORE we had people in the maze!  Need to complete the layout and then start laying power for lights and stereos and figure out which areas need roofs to protect our crew from long periods of being outside when it decides to rain.  The fun never ends! *grins*

To succeed, put yourself in a position where failure is publicly embarrassing.
~ Neil Davidson