Building A Haunted House – Interiors

Finished a couple more rooms.

As you enter the maze, there are various dead ends (pun intended) and monsters that wander around to ensure people actually leave rather than spending all night in our Haunted House.  But if you follow the various “rooms” and scenes that are setup along the way, they’ll guide you towards the exit.

Children’s Playground / Cemetary
The first scene you come across as you wander through the maze is a cemetary. 

Big deal.
Except that there’s a playground in and amongst it, with three or four little girls, slowly playing and singing children’s limericks ala’ Nightmare on Elm Street, and bodies that rise up from shallow graves.  We’re using leaves to “bury” people as you don’t have the problems that covering someone in real dirt creates, plus they rustle and can be re-buried quickly.

 Haunted Bayou
Camoflague netting was donated.  On the night, we’ll have someone rocking slowly in the chair with a corn cob pipe or a shotgun or something, quietly watching people walk into the maze.  It’s meant to give a similar effect to the Bayou at the beginning of the Pirates of the Carribean ride at Disneyland – the quiet before things start to get loud.

A “nice” creepy feeling to have someone staring silently at you as you pass the cemetary and continue on your way, looking for an exit.

Still Room
This room has been fun to build and isn’t finished yet.  The moonshine still is built of a garbage can and a cardboard/burlap top, with pvc pipe and garden hose for tubing.  The condensor is cardboard tubing and a children’s beach bucket.

The Evil Rednecks will be in this room and join the monsters in following people through the maze once they pass through this room.



 Toxic Waste Room
This is supposed to be the room where the “bad” moonshine is discarded.  The wall effects are created using gap filler, sprayed onto the walls and highlighted with flouro paint.

Blacklights will be used in this room and the narrow hallways into and out of it.  Still need to put some half-decayed bodies in the room.


We’ve started working on the haunted classrooms and the zombie baby nursery…