How Would You Describe Your Ideal Job?

Near the end of a job interview for an application programming position which wasn’t going so well, the interviewer asked me one of the typical “Top 10 Interviewing Questions”:

noBadDaysInterviewer: How would you describe your ideal job?
Monkey: (*big grin spreading across my face*) Demolitions!
Interviewer: (*slightly shocked/confused*) Excuse me?
Monkey: I reckon a job in demolitions would be awesome!
Interviewer: ummm…
Monkey: (*leaning forward in my chair, gesticulating emphatically*) You know – waking up every morning, knowing that “today” you were either going to blow something up, or prepare to blow something up!  Man!  I would be to work early, and working late!  I’d TOTALLY be waking up… checking the clock… trying to go back to sleep… checking the alarm again… “15 minutes!  It’s only been 15 minutes?!” (*pantomiming shock and re-checking my alarm clock*)
Interviewer: (*speechless w/ mouth agape*)
Monkey: You’d be waking up every morning, knowing that sometime soon… *BOOM!* (*making exploding noises and motions with my hands*)  You’d get to utterly destroy something in seconds!  Driving those giant tractors around… You know – the ones that load those giant dump trucks with tires bigger than your car?  It would be awesome!

I’m pretty sure he was expecting a more “typical answer” or something at least slightly similar, but as I said, the interview wasn’t going well, and I thought, “If he doesn’t have a sense of humour, then this is the wrong place for me!”

He didn’t.
It was.

But this brings up a good point:
Regardless of whether you’ve found your perfect job, or you’re still working towards it, you need humour in the workplace.  It’s why people decorate their cubicles with cartoons and quotes, and why funny emails still get passed around despite office policies directing otherwise.  Every now and then, you need something that makes you smile or giggle, or someone that does things outside the norm to wake you up from the 2pm stupor and survive the remainder of your day.  It ranks right up there with “a great working environment” and “people with whom you like working”, but it’s easier to come by.

chambaShirtI’ve realised that’s really our intention here at Bighairmonkey – To get you to mentally step sideways for just a moment in your day, in order to make the rest of it a bit more bearable.  To temporarily throw off the mundane and embrace eccentricity.  Even if it’s only for a moment.

And if it lasts for more than just a moment, then all the better.  After all, among our many regrets in life, the fact that we are not someone else should not be one of them.  But at the very least, to give you an uncommon workplace event to talk about with co-workers that’s not the typical microwave-waiting/smoko/bathroom-break conversation.

Shake things up for a brief sliver of time before returning you to your regularly scheduled work day.

Welcome to Bighairmonkey!